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Odoo Dynamic Dashboard, customized and robust for your odoo application - POS, Sales, CRM, Account, Inventory odoo dashboard

Analytics Odoo Dashboard helps create beautiful, customized and robust dashboards for your different department. With our Modern Odoo Dashboard, you will be able to save your precious business hours and take major business decisions quickly by overseeing important stats on your self-configured dashboards. Responsive odoo dashboard for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile phones.

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Why odoo dashboard is important for the business application of odoo?

A business dashboard for odoo is an analytics and information management tool that is used to track KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to a business, department or specific process. Through the use of data visualizations, the dashboard in odoo is simplified complex data sets to provide users with at a glance awareness of current performance.

In much the same way, the purpose of a dashboard odoo is to provide real-time results by aggregating and extracting value from all the data you collect which is otherwise known as your key performance indicators (KPIs). It simplifies your data into more manageable chunks of visual information that allows you to see what you are doing right and where you need to improve.

Best Dashboards in odoo

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When utilized properly, the best dashboard for odoo, which can be used to help you make informed decisions that dramatically impact business performance which in turn influences your bottom line.

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Odoo dashboard module for following odoo apps:

Sales Dashboard in odoo

The odoo sales dashboard provides a perfect overview of the progress of the sales department by focusing on sales growth, sales orders, quotations sent, to be invoiced, and fully invoiced.

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This visualization of every phase of your sales portfolio affords you a unique chance to take a full picture of your sales transactions quickly and easily, without losing any valuable information. 

A professional sales odoo dashboard module will help you in the process, making your operations and sales data digestible, engaging the viewers to understand deeper and provide instant insights on your most important metrics.

POS Dashboard in odoo

Every POS user deserves an easy to navigate pos dashboard in odoo. Modern POS Dashboard odoo app display lot of pre-configured odoo POS dashboard items that you need in your Point of Sale (odoo pos dashboard) on a day-to-day basis.

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POS odoo dashboard is an easy to use business intelligence reporting tool that uses advanced analytics to give you the best-informed reports that are easy to check sale report, filter and layout for view customers and sales information.

You can identify which shops perform better. Reward the best sellers and stimulate your team to reach new goals in the best dashboard for pos in odoo

Account Dashboard in odoo

Invoice dashboard in odoo or Accounting dashboard in odoo allows to monitor information Open invoice, cancel invoice, customer payment, vendor payment, customer payment list, vendor payment list, top customers, top vendor, journal list, cash and bank balance and more.

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You can check the detail of Invoices Report (Bar Chart), Revenue from Customer payment, Vendor Payable Report and Bank Balance (Pie Chart): Display Bank Balance and so on, click on take a demo now and see more features of odoo account dashboard.

Inventory Dashboard in odoo

Inventory dashboard in odoo, which provide a real-time glimpse of the organization, with visibility and insights for key areas that need attention. odoo Inventory Dashboard simplifies the complex data, providing an overview of important metrics from across the organization or for a specific department or function.

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Odoo Inventory Dashboard contains assigned, delivery orders, waiting, lot serial, delivery detail, selling products, lot/serial number, product moves, internal transfer, top selling products manage and show visual and analytics data from graphs, charts and table in inventory odoo dashboard.

CRM Dashboard in odoo

odoo CRM dashboard provides a centralized hub of information that presents customer relationship management data in a way that is dynamic, interactive and offers access to a wealth of insights that can improve your consumer-facing strategies and communication

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CRM dashboard in odoo, Which contains total Leads, my Pipelines, open opportunities, Total win, invoiced, total expected revenue, list of activity, top customers, loss list, Sale team and more, click on take a demo now and see more features of CRM dashboard.for odoo

Key Features of odoo dashboards:

  • Odoo Dynamic Dashboard, customized odoo dashboard

  • Robust dashboards, pre-configured dashboard and Responsive dashboard in odoo

  • This odoo dashboard in easy add for POS Dashboard, Sales Dashboard, Inventory Dashboard, Account Dashboard, CRM Dashboard in odoo

  • Fully configurable Dashboards with animated charts, graphs, tables and more

  • Major Chart Types supported Tile, Line, Bar, Vertical, Horizontal, Pie chart, Doughnut, Polar Area chart and List view

  • Full Configuration of blocks, font color, background color, layouts, size changeable

  • Refresh dashboard data after a configured period of time

  • Click info icon on charts or section of charts to view details in list view

  • Hover effects on block, charts and graph

  • Configuration menu provided to create multiple dashboards, Menu supporting Odoo

  • Configure CRM odoo dashboard, Sales odoo dashboard, Accounting odoo dashboard, Inventory dashboard

  • Easy configuration of items using other odoo modules

  • Limit your records to see limited records in any dashboard items like Top 10 sale product, top 10 location and so on

  • Pre-define dashboard layout template for dashboard

  • You can change the color scheme for charts easily

  • Date filter options for check data using Days, Months, Years, Custom Dates

  • Export data in Excel, CSV, PDF

  • This odoo dashboard module Available in 13, 12, 11 Community and Enterprise Edition


Odoo Dashboard aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and odoo dashboard for POS Dashboard in odoo, Sales Dashboard in odoo, Inventory Dashboard in odoo, Account Dashboard in odoo, CRM Dashboard in odoo

Odoo All in One Dynamic Dashboard - Analytics Odoo Dashboard For Odoo to sort, organize, display and use the data as per your requirements. Odoo All in One Dynamic Dashboard allows you to customize your Odoo dashboard for odoo 14, odoo 13, ofoo 12 and odoo community & enterprise edition.

Create multiple menus to create graphs for which you want to analyze the data. You can use Pre-Defined Templates or create a Custom Graph as per your requirement of odoo. 

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